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Discography, featuring Vana Gierig as performer and/or composer and/or producer:

Vana Gierig – Making Memories – ENJA Records, 2013.

Vana Gierig is producer, composer, arranger and pianist of entire album, featuring  Paquito D’Rivera (cl), Matthew Parrish & Sean Conly (bs) Marcello Pellitteri & Gene Jackson (dr), Vinicius Barros (perc), Jane Hunt (vln), Wolfram Koessel (vlc).


Ute Lemper – Forever, The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda - 
Edel (EU), ArtistShare (US), 2013.

Vana Gierig is co-arranger & pianist, featuring Ute Lemper (voc), Tito Castro & Victor Villena (bandoneón), Freddy Torrealba (charango), John Benthal (gtr), Steve Millhouse (bass), Todd Turkisher (perc), Jesse Mills (violin), Dov Scheindlin (viola), Wolfram Koessel (cello).


Karine Aguiar – Arraial do Mundo - Concertoria, 2012.

Vana Gierig is producer, arranger, and pianist, featuring Karine Aguiar (vocals), Ricardo Vogt (gtr), Marcello Pellitteri (dr), Matthew Parrish (bs), Ygor Saunier (perc & drums), Veronica Nunes (background vocal).


Michael Rosen – Tricolor -

Vana Gierig is a featured guest pianist, and co-producer on the song Batukibom.


Mark Lambert – Under My Skin -
Challenge Records, 2009.

Vana Gierig is producer, co-arranger (including all string & french horn arrangements), and pianist, featuring Mark Lambert (vocal & guitar), Alvester Garnett (dr), Matthew Parrish (bs), Vinicius Barros (perc), and the Avenue C Orchestra.


Ute Lemper – Between Yesterday and Tomorrow - 
Edel, 2009.

Vana Gierig is co-producer, orchestral arranger, and pianist, featuring Ute Lemper (voc),
Mark Lambert (gtr), Mo’ Pleasure (bs), Todd Turkisher (dr), Hector Curto (bandoneon), Wolfram Koessel (cello), and the Avenue C Strings.


Vana Trio plus Brazilian Percussion – live - Avenue C Records, 2008.

live festival recording, featuring Vana Gierig (piano, composer), Gene Jackson (dr), Sean Conly (bs) and Vinicius Barros (perc).


Vana – A New Day - Challenge Records (re-release), 2008.

(original Twinz Records/Avenue C Records 2003). Vana produced and arranged entire CD; he also composed all but one piece. Featuring Alvester Garnett (dr) and Sean Conly (bs). Special guests include Regina Carter (vln & voc), Duduka Da Fonseca (perc), Vinicius Barros (perc), Adriano Santos (perc), Gino Sitson (voc), Philip Hamilton (voc), Mark Lambert (voc), Susana Ribeiro (voc), Christophe Schweizer (tbn).


Stan Harrison – The Optimist – Edge Artists 2007.

Vana Gierig is featured pianist. Stan Harrison (sax, cl, fl), Najma Akhtar, Philip Bailey, Phoebe Snow (vocals), Kamil Rustam (gtr), trevor Ware (bs), Rodney “Cortada Alejandro (drum, programming).


Marian McPartland & Friends – An NPR Jazz Christmas - NPR 2006.

Vana Gierig is co-composer and pianist on “The Moon on Christmas Eve.” Melissa Wlaker (voc), Clarence Penn (dr), Sean Conly (bs). Kathryn Williams (lyrics, co-composer).


Audio-Photo Book - A Day in New York - Ear Books/Edel Records, 2005/2006.

This audio-photo book with 4 CD’s baceme a European Bestseller. CD’s include 8 of Vana’s compositions and recordings.


Ute Lemper – Blood & Feathers - DRG/Koch, 2005. CD & DVD, Live from The Café Carlyle in New York City.

Featuring Vana Gierig (pno), Mark Lambert (gtr), Gregory Jones (bs), Todd Turkisher (dr).


Vana – A New Day – Twinz Records/Avenue C Records, 2003

(re-released by Challenge Records in 2008). Vana produced and arranged entire CD; he also composed all but one piece. Featuring Alvester Garnett (dr) and Sean Conly (bs). Special guests include Regina Carter (vln & voc), Duduka Da Fonseca (perc), Vinicius Barros (perc), Adriano Santos (perc), Gino Sitson (voc), Philip Hamilton (voc), Mark Lambert (voc), Susana Ribeiro (voc), Christophe Schweizer (tbn).


Regina Carter – Paganini: After a Dream - Verve/Universal, April 2003.

Vana Gierig is executive producer, artistic musical director, pianist and a composer on this historic album, which reached #1 in the Billboard Charts. As executive producer, Vana was deeply involved in the vision and realization of the idea for Regina to become the first non-classical musician to be allowed to perform on Paganini’s world-famous Guarneri violin, a priceless Italian national treasure under constant guard, now owned by the city of Genoa. This included intensive negotiations with the city of Genoa and various Italian institutions to gain approval for the recording (as well as the historic concert a year earlier) which was covered by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NPR’s All Things Considered, CBS’ 60 Minutes II (Charlie Rose), Oprah Winfry’s O Magazine, Downbeat and JazzTimes magazines and countless other media.


Jiro Yoshida – Mrs. Robinson - Twinz Records,2003.

Featuring JiroYoshida (gtr, voc), Vana Gierig (pno, synth), Carl Carter (bs, voc)
Gene Lake Jr. (dr), Philip Hamilton (voc).


Vana – Small Regrets - Avenue C Records, 1999

Vana Gierig produced, composed and arranged entire CD). Featuring Marcus McLaurine (bs), Rocky Bryant (dr) and guests.


Regina Carter – Motor City Moments - Verve/Universal, 2000.

Featuring Vana Gierig (pno), Lewis Nash & Alvester Garnett (dr), Russell Malone (gtr), Marcus Belgrave (tpt), James Carter (sax), Mayra Casales (perc), Darryl Hall (bs) a.o.


Audio Caviar – Transoceanic - Encanto Pacific Entertainment Group, 2002.

Vana is a guest, as well as George Duke, Jonathan Butler and many others. Featuring Mo Pleasure.


Chieli Minucci (Special EFX) – Sweet On You - Shanachie Jazz, 2000.

Featuring Chieli Minucci (gtr), Vana Gierig (pno), Gerald Albright (sax), Dave Mann (sax), Jerry Brooks and Fernando Saunders (bass), Philip Hamilton (perc), Armsted Christian (voc) a. o.


Regina Carter – Rhythms Of The Heart - Verve/Universal, May 1999.

Featuring Vana Gierig (pno), Lewis Nash (dr), Peter Washington (bs), Cassandra Wilson (voc), Rodney Jones (gtr) a.o.


Michael Rosen – Sweet Lingering - 1999

Vana Gierig producer and pianist on entire CD; also co-composer and arranger. Featuring Marcus McLaurine (bs), Cyro Baptista (perc), George Gray (dr), Mark Lambert (gtr).


Mark Lambert – More Than Friends - Chartmaker Records, 1999

Vana Gierig plays piano on entire CD, and co-produced the title track. Featuring Gregory Jones (bs), Kim Plainfield (dr), Carol Chaikin (sax), Charles Descarfino (perc).


Gabriela Anders – Wanting - Warner Brothers, 1998.

Produced by George Duke and Alain Mallet.

Vana Gierig plays piano and keyboards on the song “Brasileira.”


Warren Hill – Life Thru Rose Colored Glasses - Discovery Records, 1998.


Carol Chaikin – Lucy’s Day Off - Miss Ecstacy Records, 1998

Vana Gierig performed on entire CD, and co-wrote the song “Fatslap”. Also featuring Gene Lake (dr), Gregory Jones (bs), Mark Lambert (gtr), Henry Hey (keyb).


Regina Carter – Something For Grace - Atlantic Records, 1997

Vana Gierig pianist on CD, co-composed and co-produced the song “Reflections.” Also featuring Tracy Wormworth (bs), Rocky Bryant (dr), Mayra Casales (perc) a.o.


Warren Hill – Shelter -
Discovery Records - 1997


Marion Meadows – Forbidden Fruit - RCA Records, 1994

Vana Gierig co-wrote, produced, and performed the song “Nocturnal Serenade.”


Angela Bofill – I Wanna Love Somebody - Zomba/Jive/BMG Records, 1993.

Vana Gierig played piano.


Marion Meadows – Keep It Right There - RCA Records, 1992

Vana Gierig performed on CD, and composed separate ”Passion Intro” Song.


Najee – Tokyo Blue - Capital/EMI Records, 1990

(album went Gold), Vana Gierig also spoke on it in two languages (French and German).


Najee – Just An Illusion - Capital/EMI Records, 1991

(album went Gold)


Nancy Monroe – Dance My Heart -
MJA Records, 1992.

with Eddie Gomez (bs), Bob Moses (dr) a.o.


Shynia Ueshima – 
Disk Union Records – 1991.


Alex Merck and Painted Birds – Minds and Bodies - Demon Records, 1985. 

featuring Vana Gierig (pno), Raul de Souza (tb), Kai Eckhardt (bs), Ichiro Onoe (dr) a.o.

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