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You can download the press kit here. (14.3MB, includes bio and 7 press photos)


“This is an album of great beauty and elegance.”

- London Jazz Review (of Vana’s new CD Making Memories)


“Vana is a highly polished technical whiz, whose vocabulary is brimming with complex lines, flourishes, runs that traverse the range of the piano, and contemporary harmonic approaches.”

- Jazz Improv Magazine

“Vana’s sublime melody “Healing In Foreign Lands” [...] divine [...] and a luminous testimony to Gierig’s sizable [...] talent.”

- Downbeat Magazine


“Imagine recombining the musical DNA of Herbie, Keith, and Chick with a samba band and you’ve got a notion of what piano phenom Vana Gierig’s latest CD is like.”

- Keyboard Magazine

” …his abilities to compose songful, optimistic melodies and subject them to subtle yet ingenious transformations.”

-JazzTimes Magazine


Please note that the press article page is still under construction.

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